Schnauzer - Senior - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Bailey is a sweet schnauzer mix who is about 9 years old. He loves to be cuddled and petted. He gets along with dogs and cats in his foster home and is a total sweetheart with everyone. He doesn’t bark much, if at all, as long as he has company of other dogs or people at his foster home. He rides well in a car; although he might be nervous at first, he settles down and looks out the window. He walks very nicely on a leash and does not pull. He is a very low energy, will follow you everywhere kind of companion. Bailey is such a sweet and quiet boy!

When he arrived in rescue, we learned he was blind in his left eye. He had untreated glaucoma that caused a small rupture that was causing him pain. He had the surgery to remove the blind, ruptured eye that caused him so much pain (at the same time, he had a dental so his teeth and clean). He has fully recovered from the surgery no further follow up is needed for his eye. He can see with his right eye and has some cloudiness, but no cataracts or eye disease in his right eye. He has some impairment of his hearing due to the presence of polyps (small skin growths) in both of his ears. Because of the polyps, he is prone to ear infections. He is currently being treated for infection in both ears. He will need to be checked for ear infection each year at his vet check ups. If he starts to scratch at his ears or shake his head a lot, he should be taken to the vet so his ears can be checked for infection and treated if needed. The vet can give him the medicine in his ears and it works for 3 weeks to clear the infection.

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Dogs will only be adopted to residents of the following: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and DC.

Adopters must agree to take the dog through obedience training within 3 months of adoption (unless the dog is over age 10).

Adopters must agree to keep the dog current on vaccinations and heart worm, flea, tick prevention on a year round basis.